Welcome Planners!

Bridgetown has experienced a slow exodus of commercial activity over the past decade that has reduced its significance as a capital city. This Webinar (held on 6th November, 2020) explored ideas of how to revitalise Bridgetown as a vibrant multifunctional centre. Click on image below for Recording of Symposium.

We marked our 50th Anniversary (1968 – 2018) with the election of three Honorary Members. This is in recognition of their outstanding contributions to town planning in the island, and the three honorees are former Chief Town Planner Luther Bourne, former Chief Town Planner Lionel Nurse and specialist planning and environmental lawyer Christine Toppin-Allahar.

Left to right: Christine Toppin-Allahar, Lionel Nurse and Luther Bourne

The presentations to the honorees were made by Hon Marsha Caddle MP, Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment, who thanked them for their outstanding contributions to town planning in Barbados at a reception event held at the Radisson Hotel on 6th July, 2019.  See post for details.

NEW ACT APPROVED BY PARLIAMENT – JANUARY 2019: The Planning and Development Act 2019 aims to provide a system that is open, transparent, accountable, inclusive and efficient – fit for purpose in the context of a Small Island Developing State in the twenty first century. The new Act was passed by both Houses of Parliament in January 2019, but has not yet been proclaimed.  See post for more information and details.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment is inviting the public to comment on the draft Green Paper on Planning Reform. The Green Paper forms the basis of modernising Barbados’ Town Planning legislation and planning systems. The document may be downloaded here. Comments or queries on the Green Paper should be emailed to greenpapercomments@barbados.gov.bb by Friday, October 5.  Also see source web page link.

PAST EVENT – 22nd JUNE 2018:  Thanks to presenters (Dr. Adrian Cashman, Dr. John Mwansa and Andrew Hutchinson) and participants in the recently held and extremely well received “Can Barbados Manage a Day Zero – When the Taps Run Dry?” Seminar.

Aerial view of Bridgetown.

The Barbados Planning Society is a non-profit association comprised of town planning-related professionals from the public and private sectors who are interested in working to improve the art and science of planning. The BPS puts social justice, the economy and the environment at the heart of policy debate and inspires government, industry and campaigners to take a fresh perspective on major issues including planning policy, housing, agriculture, water scarcity, heritage and climate change.

The BPS’s objectives are to:

  • Inform development-related stakeholders of critical issues through the coordination of symposiums and seminars on relevant, pressing topics
  • Empower people and communities to influence decisions that affect them
  • Improve the planning system in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and good governance
  • Encourage discussion on matters which affect our communities and their ongoing development